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Les principaux poissons 


tarpon guillaume guide de peche guadeloupe.jpg

Megalops atlanticus



It can be found everywhere around the island, especially from March to November. It is very sought after by sport fishermen. It knows how to be fierce and is very difficult to sting. It is known for its acrobatic fights and its annoying tendency to fall off. The biggest specimens are around 80kg in our waters.

Common snook

snook guillaume peche guadeloupe.jpg

Centropomus undecimalis

Brochet de mer


It is found all around the island, it is a coastal predator. A great sport fish that many fishermen look for along the mangroves, beaches and river mouths. Its rushes are powerful with big head strikes and it likes to jump and come to the surface to shake its head to unhook itself. The biggest specimens are around 20kg in our waters.

Jack crevalle

carangue hippos guillaume peche guadeloupe.jpg

Caranx hippos

Carangue Hippos


A fish that likes to hunt in schools and trap fish on the shore. Its rushes are very powerful, it shakes its head a lot and uses its profile to the maximum during the fight while trying to pull the lure off the rocks of the bottom. The biggest specimens in Guadeloupe are around 15kg. There are several species of jacks in our waters, like big eye jack, african pompano, yellow jack, black jack, amberjack and permit

Mutton snapper

pagre margaux.jpg


bonefish on fly.jpg

Albula vulpes

Poisson banane

Zaréché / baranm

One of the most popular fish for fly fishermen. It populates the whole coastline but is very interesting to fish on sight on the flats. A fish that has become very spooky with the pressure of fishing but that once lured will offer you unforgettable fights. A real torpedo known for its long rushes and its impressive power weight ratio. The biggest specimens are around 80cm in our waters.



King Mackerel

thazard Guillaume.jpg

Scomberomorus cavalla

Thazard barré


This is a pelagic fish that can be found along the drop offs. It is most often caught by trolling and jigging. Its rushes are impressive, the big specimens can empty 300m of braid in a very short time. Once arrived at the boat, beware of the sharp teeth. The biggest specimens are around 25kg.

There is many other pélagic around the island including tuna, bonitos, wahoo, mahi mahi, marlin.


big barracuda guillaume guide de peche guadeloupe.jpg

Lutjanus analis

Pagre rose



A fish which likes the zones of coral and the herbariums. Its touch is dry and the fight very powerful, its objective being to take refuge in a hole as fast as possible. Its big head and its stocky shape make it a formidable predator that can reach 15kg for the biggest. There are several other kinds of snappers in our waters like mangrove snapper, dogtooth snapper and cubera snapper. 

Trachinotus falcatus



A fish that likes coral and grassy areas. Very difficult to lure it is the graal of many fly fishermen. These fish of the jack family are very suspicious, extremely powerful and know how to use every obstacle to their advantage. Some specimens can reach more than 20kg in our waters. 

Sphyraena barracuda



It can be found all around the island from 50cm to more than 100m depth. Its rushes and its sometimes impressive jumps make it a formidable challenger. It has a tendency to cut the leaders of line and to tear the lures with its sharp teeth, beware the fingers! Some specimen car reach up to 20kg in our waters.

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